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 summoning guide

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PostSubject: summoning guide    Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:26 pm

dear tftscapers here is my ultimate sumoning guide! Very Happy

There are 4 Different Charms on TFTSCAPE, which are:

Throughout this guide I will show you:

Which NPC drops each of the charms. (Safest and fastest way)

Collecting Charms may be a pain. However there are many ways to increase the speed of Charm farming (make it fun). This can be by getting your charms through Slayer Tasks or killing low level NPCs which drop charms faster.

The Gold Charm

The best NPC to kill for gold charms are defiantly Rock Crabs.
Low Level (level 13) and Very easy to kill.
Location: Magic Book > monsters teleport rock crabs.

The Crimson Charm

The best NPC to kill for crimson charms are definatly Yaks.
Low Level (level 22) and Very easy to kill.
Location: Magic Book > Skills Teleport > South Netizinot
2nd Location: Lumbridge (not recommended, packed)

The Blue Charm

The Best NPC to kill for blue charms are Moss Giants.
Levels 42. Blue charms are often dropped by higher level NPC. Moss giants are therefore very good.
Location: Games Necklace > Dungeon Teleport 1 > Brimhaven Dungeon

The Green Charm

There are many NPCs that drop green charms. The best in my opinion are Chaos Dwarfs and Lesser Demons in Taverly Dungeon. This place is recommended because it is usually empty.
Location: spell book.monsters teleport.taverley dungeon. bounce

Now that you have collected as many charms as you can, its time to level up summoning.
Simply use all things and you get your xp Razz

Charm Xp and How Many Charms Required from 1 - 99 :
Gold Charm: 55000xp [237] Charms from 1 - 99 Summoning
Crimson Charm: 50000xp [261] Charms from 1 - 99 Summoning
Blue Charm: 80000xp [163] Charms from 1 - 99 Summoning
Green Charm: 60000xp [217] Charms from 1 - 99 Summoning

I hope this guide has helped your with any Summoning troubles.
If i have left out anything please reply below and I will add them to my guide. Very Happy
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summoning guide
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